Pooja Arora

Hi! I’m Pooja Arora, from Noida. I am working as a Software Engineer at MNC. Also I am pursuing Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.
“Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art.” The above line is the essence of my life born with a physical disorder Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA). Born with a SMA that proved to be a hurdle to move, let alone walk briskly or run I was expected to sit at one place and accept the sympathetic attitude of other people. But “is this what I want ?” I asked myself. So I geared myself up with courage and smile and made a promise to myself. “I will not fall”
Being free from peer pressure of experimenting things that could act as deviation. I had all the time & the world to myself. I became like a sponge absorbing everything that came my way. I was not in this world to prove to anyone but to myself that physical curse can be changed into a boon- only that you should have the right direction.
Well, I was for fortunate as I was given a proper environment in academics by my mother and father who is Professor. I graduated from school in 2005 with flying colors continued my interest in engineering in Computer Science and graduated with honours. I did not confine myself to my chair and joined National service scheme in college for community service. Finally I was offered a job in the MNC. Now I had wings and was ready to fly places. My ailment was pushed aside and my mental strength was at its peak. I qualified the National Entrance Exam for masters in 2010 and bagged a seat in Delhi Technogical University for my M Tech. Research became my passion and now there was no turning back. My research papers were published in International Conferences.
In this whole journey my family and friends always supported and inspired. Now I aspire to travel the world & inspire young minds to open their wings & fly. #smafreeindia #careforrare #wearerare #ordi #mohw #fsma #fsmaIndia #ourlivesmatter #SMAwarenessMonth #smawarrior #fight4life #sos #cureforall #curesma #30days30stories

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