Pratishtha Gupta

Hi all, today i am sharing my live experience with this deadly disease SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). I am Pratishtha gupta 26 years old working as a Assistant Manager in BOB and when i turned back i see these 26yrs taught me so much i have seen almost everything and at every moment i thought this is extreme Pratishtha nothing more worse will happen to you now but no God always has something for me…😐😐😐but i know that The greater the struggle the more glorius is the triumph… when i was in school i was able to walk ,climb stairs almost everything like a normal person but i didnt knew dat my disease is progressive i have seen that i am loosing a bit of my abilities everyday this is more like a nightmare and at 23 when my strength gave up on me i got dependent on two wheels to move. By the time goes i accepted myself like this and kept motivated towards life and started focusing on career and full fillings the dreams of my Dad, my world. One black day came and i lost my Dad, my strength and motivation……it was a fullstop for me…….But i knew that now i can only take care of my family. My Mom,a superwoman kept all my sorrows aside and gave all of her to make me shine in every phases of life. And i also have a special person who is trying to make my life beautiful in last 8 years and forever…..i am sure he has and he will…❤❤❤ and a beautiful sister who always stood by me.. I accepted this fact that i may never walk again but a ray of hope came in the form of spinraza…. i so badly want this as its currently unavailable in india but it will definitely come to me..🙂🙃🙂🙃 #smafreeindia #careforrare #wearerare #ordi #mohw #fsma #fsmaIndia #ourlivesmatter #SMAwarenessMonth #smawarrior #fight4life #sos #cureforall #curesma #30days30stories

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