Last week, I watched the movie titled ‘Thozha’ in television. This is probably the fifth time I am watching the same movie over again. Each time, the movie reminds me of my desire to visit Paris. I have always dreamt of going off to Switzerland and Paris since my very childhood.

I love traveling so much(or maybe, too much!) that everytime I see my brother getting ready to go for a journey, I would ask him with an eager smile, “njanum varatte?”(can I also come with you?) But lying on the bed, crippled inside the four walls of my bedroom, I could only travel in my dreams now.
I was born with a Motor Neuron Disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy characterized with gradual wasting away of muscles. I couldn’t do things just like other individuals of my age. Everytime I dream of doing things that are much beyond the limits I could reach. It may be because of this reason that most times I end up feeling helpless.

Two years ago, after returning from hospital, intubated with a trach, I drew a rough pencil portrait of my cousins and posted it on my facebook timeline. Later on, I decided to add more colors into my world. I was isolated for months after I returned from hospital because of being frequently affected by infections. Since then, I kept on drawing more. It takes too much time and effort for me to complete each painting. However, I get so much happiness after I finish each of my painting, helping me stay positive at times.
On February 2019, I was able to exhibit two of my paintings in an art exhibition, ‘Swapnachithra’ conducted by Dream of Us at Lalithakala Academy art gallery, Calicut.

Life, sometimes, seems so unpredictable. It takes too many twists and turns. Being a sensitive lass, it is often difficult for me to cope with bad times. Yet, everytime I keep on assuring myself that everything would turn alright soon.
I have always felt that art has a magical power of healing. And it is my biggest dream to conduct a solo exhibition of my paintings once.
– Seba

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